Aug 23, 2023


Hanover College has received a $104,000 grant from the Bethany Legacy Foundation to help enhance the health and wellness of Jefferson County (Ind.) residents. The non-profit Bethany Legacy Foundation, based in nearby Madison, Ind., promotes well-being in the county by working with the community to design sustainable health solutions for everyone. The organization’s health professions planning grant provides Hanover and community partners with an opportunity to identify and, ultimately, reduce the county’s healthcare disparities.
“We are tremendously grateful to the Bethany Legacy Foundation for funding this important work that will enable us to serve the community more effectively,” said Hanover College President Lake Lambert. “This is truly a win-win for the College, its partners, and Jefferson County.”
The grant will fund market research, economic and health impact analysis, focus groups, and conversations with area residents and partners. The information collected will be used by Hanover and Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana – Madison campus to identify academic programs and community initiatives to address health deficits in the county and improve specific health outcomes. Based on research analysis, Hanover and Ivy Tech will establish or enhance specific academic and co-curricular programs that will address the area’s prominent wellness issues. Each institution will create offerings that best fit their missions and, where possible, establish partnerships that will improve educational attainment and health outcomes in Jefferson County.
Solutions identified by Hanover and Ivy Tech through this partnership could provide residents and students with educational opportunities in high-need healthcare professions such as in mental health, psychiatric nursing, elder care, physician assistant roles, social work, and public health.
These programs could also establish clinical opportunities for scholars. Students participating in clinical-and mental-health programs could provide free or low-cost services to the area residents as part of their education. Through this community connection, Hanover and Ivy Tech graduates may be incentivized to remain in the region to work for area employers.
Dora Anim, CEO of Bethany Legacy Foundation says, “With a shortage of health professions in our county, we are excited to focus on workforce in order to retain local talent but also attract new talent to our county in mental and health-focused positions.”

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