Strategic Focus

A Vision of Self-Reliance in a Mental Health Haven

Through our grant-making process, we seek to solve the most critical issues and help the community achieve a self-reliant state. 

Bethany Legacy Foundation is motivated by the vision of a county where the residents live on their own terms and can live, work, play, and raise their families with hope and dignity. We understand this means we must adopt an approach that examines and addresses root causes rather than symptoms to improve long-term outcomes. 

Substance abuse and mental health issues can be devastating to the quality of life and overall health of our residents and families. These related issues stand out as two of the primary determinants of well-being for individuals and the county as a whole. 

Because of this, in 2024 Bethany Legacy Foundation will use our resources strategically to primarily fund work and organizations focused on improving mental health and providing substance abuse support for the youth, adults, seniors, and workforce of Jefferson County, IN.

We understand your organization is already striving to make a difference. Let us collaborate with you to generate innovative ideas and provide the support and resources you require to care for the community and promote sustainable solutions.

We become a stronger Jefferson County by working together.

Our Vision for the place we call Home

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