What We Do

Our Approach

Bethany Legacy Foundation is rooted in a culture of care, compassion and innovation. We understand that health is not something that just happens in the hospital or in a doctors’ office but in our neighborhoods, communities and homes – with our families and neighbors. Every aspect of our lives impacts our health. That’s why Bethany Legacy Foundation is committed to supporting area nonprofit organizations through smart grant-making, research, convenings, education grounded in listening, input from the community and innovative ideas. Together, we can collectively offer hope for this community.

We believe that Jefferson County can be the healthiest place in the world.

We’re in your corner and want to support you as you strive to make an impact. Let’s design a healthier, more equitable model, together.

We’re committed to serving area residents, nonprofits, churches, and educational institutions by building a sustainable future where current and future generations will thrive.

We began this work by embarking on a three-part journey. In the fall of 2022, we started by listening to your ideas and concerns. We then analyzed and prioritized what needed the most attention to create a strategic plan, and finally, our action phase involved actively executing our plan starting in early 2023. You can learn more about our first three rapid-response grants here.

As a foundation, we understand that we can’t serve this community without listening to you first. We prioritized listening through four community engagement workshops and several in-depth interviews. Our CEO, Dora Anim, also conducted over 60 meetings and met with key stakeholders across our region. We deeply appreciate everyone in the community who gave their time and their voice to this work.

Priority Areas from the Research

We began this work by embarking on an extensive listening tour rooted in research, focus groups, and meetings. Here is what we learned.

"Working together" was another theme that emerged through the research, as well as the need to support nonprofits through funding, research, and strong partnerships.

Our foundation is committed to prioritizing collaboration with area nonprofits to ensure we support these organizations in ways that benefit everyone and create sustainable growth. We are also committed to cross-sector collaboration efforts as we know the issues facing our county will take a multi-sector approach.


Bethany Legacy Foundation is driven to find new solutions for solving health issues by continuing to bring the community together, listening, and creating a movement of change.

Join the movement today. Together, we can build healthy lives for all.