Who We Are

Shaped by a Legacy

Formed out of the King’s Daughters’ Health in Madison, Bethany Circle of King’s Daughters and Sons, Bethany Legacy Foundation (BLF) is a non-profit health foundation established in 2022 dedicated to the health and wellness of Jefferson County residents.

The original hospital was founded in 1896 by a group of 12 women who were passionate about caring for the community. In 1899 they became the Bethany Circle of the International Order of King’s Daughters and Sons and owned the hospital for over 120 years, until the recent change of ownership with Norton Healthcare.

Today Bethany Legacy Foundation continues to put faith into action and serve Jefferson County by bringing the community together and creating sustainable solutions for issues affecting health. They understand that all families care about the same things – they want to live in a society where they have a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible to achieve their full potential.  Health does not only happen in a doctor’s office or at a hospital – it also happens in our homes, our neighborhoods, and our communities. We have a bold vision to make Jefferson County the healthiest place in the world.  We believe we can get there if we work together to build a future where health is optimized for every person – mind, body, and soul.

Bethany Legacy Foundation exists to serve Jefferson County Indiana. We are driven to bring the community together to design solutions that create an ecosystem that promotes well-being for all. 

Together, we can build healthy lives for all.

Driven by Our Mission

To put faith into action and serve Jefferson County by bringing the community together and creating new solutions for social issues affecting health.

Let’s build healthy lives for all.


Empowered by Our Values

Our core values form the DNA fundamental to our identity. These are our guiding philosophies to serve each other as employees, volunteers, grantees, and the broader community. The core values are principles that direct every step of our operations and drive our decision-making. We hope to be respected for living by them even if doing so isn’t a popular choice.

We believe that health is a fundamental human right and achieving it requires health equity. Health equity is achieved when everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible. Achieving health equity requires working to remove economic and social obstacles so people have opportunities based on their needs.

No one has all the answers. A culture of humility, curiosity and continuous learning is a bedrock principle so we can achieve our mission.

Being the resource that Jefferson County needs requires unrivaled vision and execution. We think differently and strive for a continuous-improvement mindset. We innovate by taking intelligent risks without sacrificing quality or integrity. We are willing to question the status quo and encourage others to do so. However, we are never demanding of others, but always inviting and encouraging new ways of thinking and working.

We value each of our unique experiences, culture, lived experiences, and how they shape us. We learn from all to build for all. Every voice matters.

We always aim for the most simple, pragmatic, and effective solution to any problem. We think of the user, the staff, the grantee, and the residents when designing solutions.

We are committed to serving others (including colleagues) with empathy, respect, and dignity. We bring humanity to every interaction. Compassion has a home in the workplace. We will work from a strengths-based and hope-based culture and encourage our partners to do the same.

We want our solutions and improvements to be permanent and sustainable. We’ll balance reducing short-term health inequities with a focus on prevention and tackling systemic root causes.

We’re in your corner and committed to serving this community.

Learn more about how we’re working towards a brighter future for all in Jefferson County.