Copy of What We Do

Our Vision

Self-Reliance in a Mental Health Haven

Rooted in a culture of care, compassion, and innovation, Bethany Legacy Foundation recognizes that health extends beyond hospitals and doctors’ offices to our neighborhoods, communities, and homes. Every aspect of our lives impacts our health.

Bethany Legacy Foundation is driven by a vision of a self-reliant Jefferson County, where residents live with hope and dignity. We are dedicated to solving critical issues through smart grant-making, research, convenings, and education grounded in listening to and incorporating input from the community.

We aim to empower residents in Jefferson County, Indiana to live, work, play, and raise their families in a supportive environment. To achieve this, we focus on working with community organizations and nonprofits that are addressing the root causes of challenges rather than just the symptoms, ensuring long-term, sustainable improvements.

Our Focus

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Substance abuse and mental health issues are both root issues that affect well-being, significantly impacting the quality of life and overall health of our residents and families. Recognizing this, Bethany Legacy Foundation is currently strategically allocating our resources to fund initiatives that seek to improve mental health and provide substance abuse support for youth, adults, and seniors as well as for those in the workforce.

Our Partnerships

Jefferson County can be the healthiest place in the world

We believe in the power of collaboration and understand that your organization is already striving to make a difference in mental wellness and substance abuse disorders.

We want to partner with you to help you generate innovative ideas and offer the necessary support and resources to promote sustainable solutions for our community. Together, we can offer hope and create a stronger Jefferson County.

We are in your corner and want to support you as you strive to make an impact. Let’s design a healthier, more equitable model of care for our community together and turn our county into a mental health haven.

Bethany Legacy Foundation is driven to find new solutions for solving health issues by continuing to bring the community together, listening, and creating a movement of change.

Join the movement today. Together, we can build healthy lives for all.