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The real strength of a great organization lies in its people. Employees are the most important asset we have. BLF is more than just a place to work. It is a place where you can build a career. It is a place where you can make a difference.

We hope through BLF, you will reach your goals and help us reach ours.


Life on a BLF Committee

"I enjoy serving on the grants committee, their work is deeply meaningful to our community as Bethany Legacy Foundation seeks to partner with non-profits and invest in solutions to build a healthy Jefferson County. I'm excited to see the innovative and sustainable ideas that have been presented to this committee as BLF encourage our community to think outside the box to make Jefferson County a healthy place for everyone to live . We are building the infrastructure for a foundation that has the opportunity to make such a difference to our county not just now, but for the future."
- Sue Stack, Grants Committee

“Serving on the BLF communications committee has been exciting and gratifying. Witnessing the potential impact BLF is going to have on community health, and then helping to craft messaging that expresses that promise, has been a satisfying professional challenge.”
- Charlie Rohlfing, Communications Committee

“It was an honor to be asked to serve on the BLF finance committee. Helping to set up the financial structure for the organization has been a rewarding challenge. Knowing the potential impact BLF will have on our community and beyond is so exciting, one’s mind cannot imagine the level of life changing investments that will stem from this organization. What an asset for Madison and Jefferson Co. in total.”
- Bill Hensler, Finance Committee

“It’s not often that one gets the chance to participate in an organization that’s being built from the ground up. Volunteering with the Bethany Legacy Foundation as they work to impact community health outcomes in Jefferson County allows me to give back in a truly meaningful way. It’s exciting to be able to help shape the marketing and communications strategy of this groundbreaking new nonprofit.”
- Jennifer Clayton, Communications Committee


We’re on the lookout for hopeful innovators and strong collaborators.

Contact us for volunteer opportunities or visit our LinkedIn page for more information on career opportunities with Bethany Legacy Foundation.