Aug 17, 2023


JEFFERSON COUNTY – Bethany Legacy Foundation is a new non-profit charitable group determined to create environments that promote well-being for everyone in Jefferson County. They care about inventing new solutions that tackle mental and physical health challenges and strive to create a brighter future for the community. Bethany Legacy emphasized from the beginning that its strategic plan, which included an in-depth listening tour and community research, would step into action as soon as possible. They’ve recently delivered on that promise generating three ground-breaking grants for the community that meet a variety of needs. “We wanted to show up and be a true partner to Jefferson County.”  – CEO, Dora Anim

All three grants are responses to critical issues and align with priority areas from the listening tour data. In their long-term work, Bethany Legacy will be funding a variety of important community projects, but these first three were time-sensitive and spoke right to the heart of what this foundation is all about.

The Freedom Center needed funding before the end of the year to meet its construction timeline and break ground by June 2023. This brand-new facility, equipped with therapists to serve vulnerable families in need, will become a dynamic solution to the mental health disparity that currently exists in Jefferson County. Bethany Legacy was also able to match a community development grant, due this past December, for the Children’s Advocacy Center. The center is striving to expand its facility and its reach as they continue to ensure that abused children receive quality care, access to a full array of services, and effective responses to their cases.

The third grant went to one of the few public pools in the area. Crystal Beach – a quality-of-life amenity for the entire community – needed to fill a $2 million gap in its funding to build a new pool and renovate the pool house. Bethany Legacy was grateful for the opportunity to take on the funding issue allowing Crystal Beach to continue serving the community. The pool is one of the only spots in Jefferson County where multigenerational interaction can take place and where all families can enjoy recreation and free programming.

Bethany Legacy Foundation wants the community to know they’re here to roll up their sleeves and get things done.They care about being responsive to the community’s needs, and proactive with time-sensitive issues. Bethany Legacy believes with smart grant-making, research, education, and people power, Jefferson County will become a place where future generations can work, live, and thrive.

To discover more information about Bethany Legacy Foundation and the grants mentioned above, come to their brand reveal on <event day/time>.


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