Jan 24, 2023


JEFFERSON COUNTY – Bethany Legacy Foundation has awarded two rapid response grants
to meet critical needs in Jefferson County.

The first went to The Freedom Center, a brand-new community resource, equipped with
licensed therapists to serve individuals of all ages, that will be a dynamic solution to the mental
health disparity that currently exists in Jefferson County. The Center needed funding before the
end of the year to meet its construction timeline and break ground by June 2023.

The second grant was for the Children’s Advocacy Center of Southeastern Indiana (CAC). The
CAC is striving to move to a new facility to provide a safe space to support children
experiencing trauma from physical and sexual abuse. The grant commitment enables the CAC
to apply for a Community Development Block Grant which supports community development
activities to build stronger and more resilient communities

“The two grants address some of the top critical issues in the county and align with priority
areas from the research and listening tour data. In our long-term work, Bethany Legacy will
have a broad and diverse portfolio, but these first two were time-sensitive and spoke right to the
heart of what this foundation is all about,” said Dora Anim, CEO of the Foundation.

“The grant funds we’ve received from the Bethany Legacy Foundation have allowed The
Freedom Center to begin and complete necessary renovations to our facility that bring us one
step closer to our goal of opening our doors full time in 2023 and offering 50+ therapy sessions
a week for any and all who need it,” states Liz Cooper, Executive Director of The Freedom
Center. “No one will be turned away from therapy services based on their ability to pay.”

Regarding the second grant to the Children’s Advocacy Center, Kelli Jetti, Executive Director
explains, “It’s a proven fact that adverse childhood trauma has serious health and wellness
impacts on these children when they become adults. The impact of BLF’s contribution is
monumental, and in fact life-changing for so many people. The CAC will not only provide a safe
space for children and families during times of trauma but will also allow our community a place
to access valuable resources that will benefit the health and wellness of our children, families,
and community.”

Bethany Legacy Foundation is a new non-profit private foundation founded in 2022 that is
focused on designing solutions that remove economic and social obstacles to create the
healthiest community. Bethany Legacy Foundation started with an in-depth listening tour and
community research that has informed the strategic plan. “As the foundation moves to the action
phase in 2023, it is important for us to deliver on our promise to move swiftly and be a true
partner in Jefferson County,” says Dora Anim.

“For Bethany Legacy Foundation the action phase kicks off in 2023 and involves rolling up our
sleeves and working alongside the community to drive results. Bethany Legacy believes that
with smart grant-making, research, education, and people power, Jefferson County will become
a place where future generations can work, live, and thrive,” continued Anim.

To learn more information about Bethany Legacy Foundation and the grants mentioned above,
come hear about their strategic priorities and see a reveal of their brand at the ‘Legacy in Action’
event on February 23, 2023, from 4:30-6:30pm at Fairfield Inn & Suites Madison Historic Eagle
Cotton Mill.

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