Our Grantmaking Process

Bethany Legacy Foundation awards grants on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year from January 1 through October 31st – our grant decisions are made on a monthly basis. We’re committed to solving the social and economic issues that affect health in our county and healing from the inside out – mind, body, and soul.

Let’s make a change together and put an end to the suffering we see.

Grant Guidelines

  • BLF awards grants to 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations, churches, schools, and government entities as appropriate and aligned to the BLF priorities and core values.
  • Grant-funded activities must serve residents of Jefferson County, Indiana. The organization does not have to be located in Jefferson County.
  • BLF will grant to organizations that provide inclusive unbiased services and non-judgmental care in an unpressured setting.

Bethany Legacy Foundation will not fund:

  • Health care levies, lobbying or political campaigns, scholarships, or endowments.
  • Projects where BLF grant funds account for more than 40% of the total operating budget of the lead organization. BLF grant funds are not intended to replace existing funding sources.
  • Organizations, programs, or projects that discriminate in any way based on participation or membership in a specific religious faith, race, gender, citizenship status, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

Important Attributes of the Grant Proposal - Please note BLF will not fund all applications it receives.

All applications will be assessed for:

Mission Appropriateness
How much the organization has a clear health equity* component with use of BLF funds that align with our current Impact Framework (Vision for Home). The proposed initiative or project should help promote resident independence and self-reliance.

Grant Budget
The budget request should be commensurate with its anticipated impact. The budget may include reasonable indirect or overhead costs. The application will ask for other sources of funding and opportunities for BLF’s grant to leverage new sources of funding.

Plan for Assessment and Evaluation
Proposals should clearly identify the target population(s), the number of clients served, and the specific outcomes grantees seek to achieve, both within the grant period and long term.

BLF grant funds are not intended to replace existing funding sources. Grantees should always demonstrate how they are working toward supporting the development, implementation, and sustainability of promising programs.

In addition, we will prioritize proposals that have one or more of these factors:

Hopeful, Strengths-Based Culture
BLF is the outgrowth of generations of women who served others with dignity, empathy, compassion, and respect. We seek partners who have that same culture and who help Jefferson County residents find hope and build on their personal strengths.

Potential for Systems Impact
BLF seeks proposals that promise significant enhancement of existing services, especially those that ultimately lead to self-reliance for Jefferson County residents. We understand that in order to get there, we need to adopt an approach that addresses root causes rather than just symptoms. We welcome opportunities for systems change – altering how policies, practices, resources, relationships, and mindsets hold a problem in place.

BLF places high value on collaboration and is open to funding collaboration grants which involve a cohort of multiple organizations or groups of stakeholders working together towards a specific goal. We also look for ways in which applicants collaborate with their customers, clients, and residents in developing and implementing solutions.

Multi-Generational and Peer-Supported Approaches
Health and self-reliance are easier to achieve and sustain when a person has the support of caring peers and family members. BLF welcomes approaches that involve a whole family (biological or family of choice) and/or peer support.

BLF is willing to fund experimentation with new approaches and innovations that question the status quo and break from previous practices. We’re willing to take smart risks with grantees. We want our grantee partners to succeed and we know that the priorities listed above will be a stretch for many organizations. Because of this, BLF welcomes requests to pay for strengthening your organization’s knowledge, skills, systems, data and evaluation capacity, and ability to leverage additional resources.


Recent Grants

The City of Madison Police Department Awarded $100,000 from Bethany Legacy Foundation

Madison, Indiana (August 22, 2023) – The City of Madison Police Department (MPD) announced the Bethany Legacy Foundation has awarded a $100,000 grant to the…

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Hanover College has received a $104,000 grant from the Bethany Legacy Foundation to help enhance the health and wellness of Jefferson County (Ind.) residents. The…

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Madison, IN – Multiple community agencies and organizations are about to benefit from a purchase of nearly 150 Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) made possible by…

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"For Bethany Legacy Foundation, the action phase kicks off in 2023 and involves rolling up our sleeves and working alongside the community to drive results. Bethany Legacy believes that with smart grant-making, research, education, and people power, Jefferson County will become a place where future generations can work, live and thrive."

-Dora Anim, CEO of Bethany Legacy Foundation


The Freedom Center

The first rapid response grant of 2023 went to The Freedom Center, a brand-new community resource, equipped with licensed therapists to serve individuals of all ages, which will be a dynamic solution to the mental health disparity that currently exists in Jefferson County. The Center needed funding before the end of the year to meet its construction timeline and break ground by June 2023.

Dora, who began her new role on July 5, 2022 plans to spend time listening and learning the needs of the community before recommending any new initiatives. “It’s critically important for BLF to always listen and learn from the residents who live and work in Jefferson County to ensure we are focused on investments that deliver the greatest impact,” says Anim. “We believe good health, health care, and wellness are key to a flourishing society. Our aim is a healthier Jefferson County, supported by high quality, holistic care that can be equitably accessed by all.”

Dora was previously the COO of Greater Cincinnati Foundation where she led the design of a high-performing culture to drive growth, transformation, and results.

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Southeastern Indiana

The second grant was for the Children’s Advocacy Center of Southeastern Indiana (CAC). The CAC is striving to move to a new facility to provide a safe space to support to children experiencing trauma from physical and sexual abuse. The grant commitment enables the CAC to apply for a Community Development Block Grant which supports community development activities to build stronger and more resilient communities.

"It’s a proven fact that adverse childhood trauma has serious health and wellness impacts on these children when they become adults. The impact of BLF’s contribution is monumental and, in fact, life-changing for so many people. The CAC will not only provide a safe space for children and families during times of trauma but will also allow our community a place to access valuable resources that will benefit the health and wellness of our children, families and community."

-Kelli Jetti, Executive Director of The Children’s Advocacy Center


Crystal Beach Aquatic Park

Crystal Beach Aquatic Park, a critical quality-of-life amenity for the entire community, needed to fill a $2 million gap in its funding to build a new pool and renovate the pool house. Bethany Legacy Foundation was driven to take on the funding issue, allowing Crystal Beach to continue serving the community as it will be the only municipal outdoor aquatics center in Jefferson County. This amenity will be a remarkable place for multigenerational interaction where all families can enjoy recreation and free programming together.

“The Crystal Beach project is more than water and concrete. It’s the heart of the community. Through programming and partnerships, we can provide access for low-income families to enjoy the pool. Along with the new design, yearly swim lessons for all ages will also be provided—a crucial outlet for families looking to pursue more physical activity and improve overall health and wellness.”

-Dora Anim, CEO of Bethany Legacy Foundation

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